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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment you can checkout using PayPal or Cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin & Altcoins). Keep in mind PayPal payments have to be carried out manually.

Do I need to use proxies?

Yes! When running multiple accounts, proxies are required and it is the first thing you should look into. Best proxy types - residential or mobile.

How to use your accounts?

If you are running multiple accounts - proxies and special tool or antidetect browser is needed. Otherwise you risk getting your accounts linked with one another and banned.

How long does delivery take?

In most cases it takes no longer than 5-15minutes, but sometimes delivery can take a bit longer. Contact us if you haven't received your order within 24h.

What is your replacement policy?

We replace any faulty accounts that you have received and was not able to login to. In case of a successful authentication, we count that account is working well and it is no longer eligible for a replacement.

How fast do I need to report issues to get a replacement?

Please check and report any issues within 24 hours of receiving your order.