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How to pre-warmup Facebook accounts?

Everyone who has worked in the Internet Marketing area probably have heard the concept of warming up accounts. It is a crucial tactic used by marketers to make your accounts stay alive longer hence giving you bigger profits. Warming up usually consists of doing small amount of regular actions at the very beginning of account use. That way you gain trust from the social network and later on you may increase your action limits or do some activities that would be considered risky if no warming up took place. Keep in mind not all networks are as “sensitive” as Facebook and in some cases you can run campaigns with no warm-up. But, today we’re speaking about the famous Zuckerberg’s product so let’s dig in to the quick and simple pre-warmup strategy that you may use. That’s right, this is a tactic for cookie farming and we use it even before logging in and warming-up the Facebook account itself.

Things we will be using:

  1. Antidetect browser – it is mandatory to use it, regular/portable browsers such as Firefox/Opera/Chrome, etc. may have worked in the past but nowadays they are no longer suitable for multiple account farming.
  2. Chrome plugin “Facebook Pixel Helper”
  3. Proxy (not necessary if you use single account)

Let’s start:

  1. Launch antidetect browser of your choice and install Facebook Pixel Helper plugin. Don’t worry if your browser isn’t running on chromium engine – this plugin is not a necessity, it just makes things a bit easier.
  2. Go to any search engine and search for any kind of articles that you may think of. What we’re doing here is we’re trying to find a blog or website that uses Facebook Pixel on their site and that’s what we’re basically after – websites that use Facebook Pixel.
  3. I’ve typed in “best facebook fanpage monetization methods” and went to the few articles it showed me.
  4. Open each article and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  5. Pixel helper has light up and shows number “2”, it means we’ve triggered FB pixel 2 times:
facebook pixel helper plugin detected facebook pixels

We can close this page now and continue on to more articles that we have opened in other tabs. After you’re done with “best facebook fanpage monetization methods”, think of a different keyword and search for it, then again, we open 5+ articles and scroll to the bottom of the page of each one. We repeat this process with 5-10 different keywords.

Additional cookie farming:

After we’re done “reading” articles, search for a few Facebook related queries and visit their official website, such as searching “how to launch ads on mobile device facebook” gives us this article:

facebook business help center

Repeat this process and “read” official articles 3-5 times.

Finishing things up:

What we have to do now is search for any items on big ecommerce sites such as AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay, etc. The ones that use FB pixel for tracking. After searching for and scrolling to the bottom of the product pages, just as we did with articles before, we are ready to login to Facebook:

To sum up we’ve done the following things:

  1. Searched for random keywords and looked for websites that have pixel implemented then scrolled through those pages to the very bottom
  2. Searched for few official Facebook articles
  3. Browsed through various items on few popular ecommerce stores
  4. Logged in to Facebook

Sometimes Facebook might ask you to receive a confirmation code to your mailbox and change the password. In most cases you are allowed to log in after that. Next time we’ll talk about the account warming up after we’ve logged in to the Facebook, stay tuned.