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Terms of Service

  1. You agree to check the accounts no longer than 24 hours counting from the time of delivery. Please don’t buy tens or hundreds of accounts that you won’t be able to check in 24 hours. Please note some accounts that are intended for churn n burn use(such as IG01) don’t have this 24h warranty and must be checked and used immediately!
  2. You agree to the following rules while using our accounts:
      • Don’t use VPN – free or paid
      • Don’t use IPv6 proxies (only for churn n burn methods, don’t expect accounts to live long on ipv6 proxies)
      • Don’t use virtual machines/portable or regular browsers/device emulators
      • Don’t use your home IP
      • Don’t use multiple accounts on 1 proxy or 1 device
      • Use ONLY high quality private proxies
  3. You agree to ask support all the questions before making a purchase and not complain later that accounts are not what you’ve expected. We promise that our product descriptions are 100% accurate and if you need any more info about accounts – kindly ask for it and we will be more than happy to answer.
  4. You agree to be patient and respectful towards support assistant which is helping you – all support inquiries are dealt with in the same order they were submitted and no one gets prioritized – if we are not replying it means we are busy and will get back to you as soon as possible.
  5. You agree that refund will only be issued if we are not able to provide a working replacement for all of your invalid accounts.
  6. You agree to contact us only through official support channels that can be found in the footer’s “contact us” section. Please double check and make sure you are contacting the right person – there are scammers who impersonate us and any of losses that will occur due to this will be your personal responsibility.
  7. By making a purchase from us you confirm that you’ve read and agreed to comply with all of the rules specified on this and FAQ pages.